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David M. Abney

Co-Founder and CEO Reliant Maritime Solutions, LLC


David Abney is a maritime professional specializing in organizational management for liquid unit carriers, dry bulk barge lines, and fleeting operators.  David began his career as a Deckhand on towing vessels, quickly advancing into Pilot and Captain roles.

As a full-time Pilot and Captain, David spent a decade successfully navigating the GIWW, the Mississippi River and its tributaries before being promoted into shoreside management leadership roles.  While leading Vessel Operations teams, David primarily focused on the safe navigation of liquid unit vessels, incident-free tankering operations, streamlining efficiencies of fleeting operations, and providing oversight for the new construction of 26 towboats.

David has been a chief contributor to shoreside management teams for over a decade, and currently serves as the Director for the Louisiana Chapter of the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) whereas he collaborates the efforts of governmental and industry stakeholders to ensure safe navigation upon the Mississippi River and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

Additionally, David is a Board Member for the Maritime Navigation Safety Association (MNSA) to promote communications among the mariners who share waterways from Baton Rouge, LA to the Gulf of Mexico, and to provide a forum that addresses the maximum usage of these waterways emphasizing navigational safety and the environment.

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David M. Abney

Co-Founder and CEO
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